Michi wins both Sprint- and Olympic distance in Klosterneuburg

As a final race-specific preparation leading up to 70.3 Austria on May 27, Michi towed to line at both Sprint- and Olympic distance of Klosterneuburg Triathlon last Sunday. A quite unconventinal approach for Weiss, as he has never competed at two triathlons on the same day. "I decided for Klosterneuburg just a few days before, after one of the event's organizers contacted me. To be honest, I did not even know that triathlon racing will be held that close this weekend.", says the Lower Austrian. Klosterneuburg is also located in Niederösterreich, just north of Vienna and less than 45 minutes of driving from his home town Gumpoldskirchen.

The day started with a Sprint distance at 10am, which is 750m of swimming, 20k of cycling and 5k of running. The 4-time Ironman Champion was able to cross the line first in 59:37, after no need for pushing the pace too hard on the run. Runner-up was a young talent from Luxemburg, Oliver Gorges.

Only 3 hours later, the gun went off for the second race of the day: At 2pm several hundred triathletes started at a sheltered side-stream of the Danube for 1500m of swimming. Weiss used his Blueseventy Helix wetsuit and exited the water in 5th position. All legs were basically the same as at the Sprint distance, with the only difference of additions in laps for doubling the distance (1500m/40k/10k). Aboard his Diamondback Andean, Michi set the bike course on fire. "It felt great being back on the Andean in full flight. A race course is always special, as you can go full throttle. Especially since roads are completly closed at Austrian competitions.", notes Weiss, who trained almost 4 hours the day before. Entering T2 in second position, Michi opted for an aggressive start of the 10k, for closing the gap of about a minute to the leader as quickly as possible. With a 31:22 run split (accuracy highly questionable) Weiss was able to grab his second win of the day, in a total time of 1:51:32.

Of course, Michi is more than happy and got a huge confidence boost for 70.3 Austria in St. Pölten on upcoming Sunday. Same as Klosterneuburg, the capital of Lower Austria is only 45 minutes away by car and another "home" race for him. "I simply can't wait to give my very best on home soil in front of Austrian crowds. I promise that nothing will be left in the tank crossing the finsih line in St. Pölten!", announces Weiss with a big smile, knowing that all he can do over the next 5 days is to recover properly for being fully rested on Sunday May 27 at 7am CET.