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Challenge Cancun calling

Mikki ready for top results in the Mexican heat

Michi was at home for 10 days after the 70.3 Texas. On the one hand, because of the high temperature difference, it was a very difficult time. On the other hand, there was a lot of alternative training in Austria with trail running and mountain biking, everything your heart desires at home. Weight chamber, treadmill and swimming in the federal sports and performance center in Südstadt rounded off the daily training routine. It was incredibly important to see the family and to spend a lot of time with his Chrissie and Lola before 5 weeks on the road. The new situation with his sweet daughter and his pregnant wife is very exciting. Traveling is no longer so easy for him, but he sees it professionally as his job and as a special operation.


Preparation at El Cozumeleño Beach Resort

The jet lag upon arrival in Cozumel was minimal. In Mexico there was less training and especially tapering on the daily routine. A long bike ride and a long run as well as two sharp trainings at the end brought the final kick. The island is monotonous - only one big 60k bike lap is traffic-free - and the heat is the biggest challenge, but it has a pushing bootcamp character. The local support from El Cozumeleño Beach Resort is priceless and great. The hotel has been a loyal partner since his IRONMAN victory in 2013. The family resort right on the IRONMAN running track, swimming on the hotel beach and the special meals are a huge advantage in his second home.

The journey to Cancun is by ferry and car. Before the race there is a swimming session and a familiarization of the bike course planned. With the support of Jose, a long-time friend and companion from Cozumel, Michi always has the best local support in Mexico.

Preview Challenge Cancun

Results are needed now! Minimum Top6 is the goal to qualify for The Championship in Samorin. The guy to beat will be Javier Gomez and other big names. Michi expects a gap of 3-4 minutes after the swim. The swim will certainly be fast as there are some former short distance athletes at the start line. There is only one motto on the bike: Attack! On the three tight bike laps it is important to find a steady pace in order to avoid overheating. After that, a solid run should lead to the top result. It will be very hot, like 30 degrees with 70-80% humidity, is the prediction of the Mexican weather muchachos. Perfect conditions for a hot fight!

On Sunday, May 2nd, you can watch the race live from 6:30 Tacos time / 13:30 CET: http://live.challenge-family.com/