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One of three high-level disciplines means Top10 at The Americas Championship

Michi had experienced optimal preparation in the heat of Cozumel, but IRONMAN Texas actually had unusually cool morning temperatures this time, and the professionals swam without wetsuits.

The swim start took place in the murky Lake Woodlands, just half an hour before sunrise. The Gumpoldskirchner was unable to keep up with the group around Joe Skipper as the field stretched out. Michi swam alongside Italian Alessandro Degasperi for a long time, but he wasn't very cooperative, which unfortunately didn't help with water drafting and didn't reduce the gap. The swim was very spread out, resulting in a ten-minute deficit.

On the bike course, Michi never really warmed up due to the cool temperatures. He was mostly alone on the bike course for the first 10-20 kilometers until he was caught by American Trevor Foley, with whom he then worked well together. Unfortunately, the Lower Austrian never felt quite comfortable on the bike.

Michi arrived at T2 in 16th place with an average power of 295 watts and started running very consistently, with a 3:45-3:50 pace on the first of three running laps. The mental challenge was difficult as the top positions already had a big lead. After clocking 2:48 hours on the run, he finished in tenth place, just 8 seconds behind ninth place after a long final sprint.

The shape is right

Based on his training data, his form was good, but Michi expected more. The general mood is positive, and Michi sees the race as being a good foundation for a long season ahead.

Now he has a week of recovery and a lot of time with his family before continuing with a higher paced and tough refresher program. Thanks also go to his wife Chrissi, who supports him every day, whether at home or from afar.

Next up: Half-distance double with the Challenge St. Pölten and the Apfellandtriathlon, before the next season highlight, at IRONMAN Austria, in mid-June.


IRONMAN Texas race impressions